Come Holy Spirit,
You, Who enabled the fearful apostles to give courageous witness,
Who gave growth to the early Church,
Who gave strength to the weak,
Who brought new fire to discouraged believers.

Come Holy Spirit,
We believe that You can renew the Church in the Netherlands,
giving new zest to the baptized,
so that they will live more faithfully according to the Gospel,
and thereby make the Church a welcoming home for youth.

Come Holy Spirit,
Allow us to discover our talents
and to use them according to Your plan,
Joyfully placing them at the service of others
And so help in building up Your Church and community.

Come Holy Spirit,
Grant Your fire and gifts to our spiritual leaders.
Make them open to Your inspiration,
Give to them a preferential eye for the weak and sick,
A warm heart and effective deeds for all those who face difficulties.

Come Holy Spirit,
Grant that she, who was full of grace,
will be truly present as a mother to the community of faithful.
May she be our example and intercessor
in our relationship with her Son, Jesus Christ.

Come Holy Spirit,
Give to those you have specially chosen
A determination to say "yes" to the call of the Lord just as Mary did.
May Your voice cry "Abba", "Father" in us, so that we will totally give ourselves
To the healing, forgiving, and merciful love of our Father.

Come Holy Spirit,
Make us humble and open
To Your loving Presence.
Form us into a community which is one
Just as You and the Son and the Father are one in love.